Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Now what?

Every blogger has to face whether their blog has reached an end point. This can be for a variety of reasons. Two of the most common reasons seem to be: 1) The blog has come to a natural close, and 2) The blogger has moved beyond the blog's purpose. Obviously, my posts have tapered off. I have moved much further along in my post-Mormon journey, and I need to do some assessment as a writer.

It's time to grapple with the existential "whence, why, whither" questions related to this blog. So, dear blog followers and casual readers alike, please give me some feedback. I need to re-tool this blog or end it. This is an open invitation for you to leave your comments and suggestions about subject, focus, tone, design, or anything else you'd like to write. You can be nice or mean, diplomatic or blunt. I deal with all types at work every day. I'll be looking forward to your feedback. And if I don't get any, that will be a sign of its own.

And, since it is the season... Happy Pride!