Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Paint, Smaller Corner

In the least surprising move of the decade, the LDS church issued a statement regarding the decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (2-1 by a three-judge panel) ruling that Proposition 8 violates the United States Constitution. 

One of the most interesting things about this and other statements by the LDS church regarding marriage equality is how a church that has no democratic process whatsoever as part of its organization or practices incessantly complains that a court performing its constitutional role is undermining democracy. The businessmen and lawyers who make up the bulk of the LDS hierarchy know that one of the pillars of the American republic is to protect the rights of a minority against a misguided majority vote. How quickly some Mormons forget their own history in appealing for the protection of the courts when majorities have engaged in fearmongering and un-American discrimination against them. This isn't just hypocrisy. It's continued willful ignorance and selective application of the law.

The LDS church's supply of paint seems to be endless. However, the corner keeps getting smaller. 

For the Court's decision in the Prop 8 case, click here.


  1. You have a way with words my friend! That corner is getting smaller and smaller... I wonder why they don't sit there... Let the paint dry quietly and work to push this back into the memory hole like sooooooo many other things...

  2. Also, it's not a coincidence that the dissenting judge on the panel was a Mormon bishop from Idaho. :- <

  3. Amen and amen. Thanks, Sulli and MoHoHawaii.

  4. Thanks for the perspective. Yes, the ironies here are numerous and disturbing...

    1. An authoritarian Church that supposedly reveres the Constitution grumbling about constitutional processes in action...
    2. A once-persecuted minority Church doing it's best to stop the legitimate modern day aspirations of a minority people...
    3. A Church that had no problem with unconventional marriage experiments over a hundred years ago (polygamy) now decrying any attempt to change "traditional marriage"...