Sunday, July 18, 2010

Should I start a new blog with a dedicated Moho theme?

When I first started this blog, I figured I would write mostly about my thoughts and feelings of my life as a Mormon -- from born-in-the-church to true believer to disenchanted to disaffected to hopeful agnostic, and everywhere in between. A lot of my feelings about the church are intertwined with my experience being a Gay Mormon. But lately, my posts about Moho life in particular have been more frequent than other things.
So, I'm asking you, dear reader, to give me your feedback on whether I should create another blog focused on life as a Moho, and focus this blog on the broader topic of my experience as a Mormon in general. There's no bright line. This is more about areas of emphasis rather than clear lines of division. I don't like drawing lines anyway. I can't really draw them straight. (Double meaning intended for your reading pleasure.)
The poll is at the upper left of your screen. Please manifest your vote by the usual sign. :)


  1. I have fought with the same question myself. I will be interested to see the results of your poll. I figure though that readers read the posts that they want to read and skip the ones that they don't.

    For me the two are so intertwined that separating the themes is sometimes difficult.

  2. I'm with Reina, the two are so intertwined that to me it seems difficult to separate the two. Plus, I think it contributes to compartmentalization. I'm all for integration! It's the new frontier! (yes, that's a quote from Hairspray.)

  3. I agree with Reina and Jon. Gay Mormons are forced to be very skilled at compartmentalizing. Since being gay is only part of who we are, I think one blog featuring The Integrated Pablo is better than a more fragmented approach. Plus it's easier for you to administer.

  4. Just have one blog. Make the blog for you and not for your audience. You are always talking about how Mormonism and being a gay Mormon necessitates compartmentalization. Avoid more compartmentalization than you already have in your life and work on integrating yourself.