Thursday, July 15, 2010

Visit from

On the same day as my post about the the Prop 8 film "8: The Mormon Proposition" I had a single, one-page, brief hit from the domain (which is the web domain for church officialdom). Thanks Sitemeter!
I don't take conspiracy theories very seriously and I don't by any stretch think I'm important enough to be noticed by the powers that be in SLC, but it was a bit creepy. A straightforward application of Occam's razor would lead me to believe that the web gurus at the COB decided to have BlogPulse (which is what directed the person/troll/bot to my Prop 8 post) search blog conversations throughout our lovely Internet for every appearance of "Prop 8" and "Mormon" and other similar search terms. Given how flummoxed so many in the church seem to be by the response to the church's central role in the passage of Prop 8, it would be no surprise that the church would scour blogs to find out what people everywhere are saying about it. 
But if you're reading, Brother Packer or faithful minion... Hello. :) Please, read on.
If this solitary visit was connected to the church in the way I suspect, what will chafe my hide is that this will be yet another example of the church showing more concern for tracking and cataloging what Mohos and others are saying about the Mormon Church and Prop 8 than making efforts to engage in honest and admittedly challenging dialogue about it or the emotional fallout on God's gay children that comes from the church's troubling history regarding homosexuality.  
I've used the terms "Prop 8" six times, "Mormon" four times, and "church" eight times (including this sentence) in this post. Let's see what happens. BlogPulse and Sitemeter, work your magic.

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